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 Here are some more works I thought you might want to have a look at, love Shari

(note: these already have happy homes and are not for sale)

March 24, 2005


Dog with his furniture

Making this world a better place for me and you



Say it with trash flowers





My new shoes (cat: "Nice")




Mr. Sparkle Pants, Here to save the world

(Thank heavens you are here!)




Sometimes I have to ask myself,

"What would Cher do?"



something Good's Gonna Happen to me Today


Ladies, Group of, on their wilderness adventure.

(well, here we are, a group of ladies in the wilderness)



Ladies, Group of, on the road to happy destiny




Ladies, Group of, spreading love around all over the place, as if it were really cheap or something.



Life is a big dance (I like the hustle)


It's fun to evolve




I see the bee





One day the great Peanut Turkey appeared to me and granted me one wish. An unlimited supply of handbags.





(In the beginning was the dog and the dog was friendly)

11" x 13"  

Ingredients: Board from a drawer I found in a broken desk in an Alley in Santa Monica; wood from the yard; scrabble game board pearls from the Yucca Valley swap meet; cap from some beauty products Love From SHari

SOLD (Thank you anonymous in some anonymous town)





14" x 17"  

Ingredients: frame, letter dice, painting, felt and pompoms from the thrift stores of Yucca Valley, CA; scrabble letters from the Boys & Girls Club thrift store; blue anagrams game letters from Ramona Otto of Santa Monica, CA; plastic letters from Brady Vest of Kansas City, MO LOve From ShAr

SOLD (Thank you Lois Zetter in Carlsbad, CA)




(space bunny: "Surprise!")


18" x 15"   

Ingredients: Picture, felt and sequins from the Humane Society Thrift store in Yucca Valley, CA; wood scraps from my collection; washers also from my collection and same for the other stuff; glitter from Maxine Mick of Yucca Valley; water bottle caps,  Love from Shari

SOLD (Thank you Andy, Shelley, Hannah Rose and Curly, Hannah Rose's bunny in Playa del Rey, CA.  Happy 8th birthday to Hannah Rose today!)






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