APRIL 2, 2015 Hello Friend. Thanks for having a look at my good and sturdy art. I love to make things and I love to recycle. And sometimes I sing a little song I wrote. Something good is gonna happen to you today!

La Roux visited with me in my studio recently for the TV show The Navigator Live


some little lights, i'm gonna let them shine

what would shari do with solange knowles empty wine and jack daniels bottles?


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Bert and Ernie

10" x 12" $88

Ingredients: piece of wood i cut up; bert and ernie i commissioned leslie mariah andrews of joshua tree to paint, i deltailed the 62 sign and added the words and painted turquoise trim around the edges, love from Shari

I want this




15" height $125

Ingredients: lamp from a yard sale; same for the light bulb, love from Shari

I want this




Ingredients: traffic light thing from the flea market in yucca valley; metal circles from someone; craft light, love from Shari

SOLD (thank you Radio Free Joshua Tree)




4" x 4" $125

Ingredients: that jar of balls from the top shelf in my studio, the jar had a hole cut in it when i found it at a yard sale; cool old work light from a joshua tree estate sale and which i used to use in my studio but it got sacrificed for art, love from Shari

I want this



17" $123

Ingredients: Solange's empty jack daniel's whiskey bottle, from her glamping trip in my back yard; stuff from around my studio; black twine from my neighbor's hay bales; quartz crystal nose; my old yellow light bulb; my old cds, love from shari

I want this



15" $123

Ingredients: Solange's empty wine bottle, from her glamping trip in my back yard; stuff from around my studio; plastic jewel nose; my old cds and paint brushes; googley eyes from sandy crouse of ohio, love from shari

I want this




18" $123

Ingredients: wine bottle from Solange's glamping trip in my back yard over New Years Eve, 2015; stuff from my studio; wooden circle removed from the new floor in my bathroom shed by buck buckley; twine from my neighbor's hay bales; letters from jack pierson; maraca which broke when eva soltes took a fall off of my tall shoes as she danced in our parade for the I LIKE MYSELF video shoot in downtown joshua tree; googley eyes from sandy crouse of ohio; my old paint brush; crystal nose, love from Shari

I want this




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