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Here are some of my lovely collectors who don't mind going public about it.
We'd love to see your picture here -- please email me one! Updated September 26, 2017



Cici and Daniel wandered into Art Queen and left with "Self Portriat with Bear (I am the Glitter)" July 2017

Ryan McGinley of NYC with Dick the Dog and surrender, December 2016



Tyson of Sillicon Valley, CA at his bachelor party, found our grand opening of the new Joshua Tree Music Store in JT and purchased the Skateboard (as well as that naked lesbian day t-shirt) April 1, 2012

Here are Susan Edge of Venice, CA, and that's Dinky or Nookie, with her collection of Elfs. August 2010



Gemma loves purple. I love how she put her little shari elf horse on her big purple wall. And I love how she loves to jump on her bed!

Here is Kathy of Yucca Valley, CA with "Miss Kitty"



Perry Hoffman and his husband Douglas Smith in Santa Barbara, CA after a fun house concert I presented at their house in July of 2009.

Nancy Holst of Pennsylvania commissioned a horse triptych for her sister Corinne Warner in Vermont. August 2010.



Constance Walsh of Pioneertown, California with "roses are red, violets are blue, here are some flowers i got for you"

Extremo the Clown in Portland, Oregon on my summer of 2009 house concert tour, with "the queen of everything"




Bonnie Brady of Joshua Tree, she bought this for her live chickens to look at

Jesse Wiedel at Art Queen and his show "the cold hard fiction of life"




Lelde Gilman in Portland, Oregon, I got to deliver these in person when I was on my house concert tour

Linda and Bob Bailey in Morongo Valley, California




Lauren McGowen "Lobbie Lou" of Trailer Trash, next door to Art Queen in downtown Joshua Tree, CA

Randal Black and Michael Blackwell of Palm Springs, California with Rock Star and Desert Mermaid, in the wondeful Palm Greens organic restaurant in Palm Springs.




Bruce Miller of Joshua Tree, California


Nicole and JM of Madison, WI and my visit to them in 2009 house concert tour. that was a fun concert on their back porch.




Victoria Pearson with her welcome fishie

Sandy Crouse in Cincinnatti, Ohio with her new mermaid for her bathroom




Three generations: Spicey, Corinne and Lauri and their visit to my cabin one lovely afternoon

Steve Winawer of Wonder Valley and Los Angeles with some pretty flowers I made for him




Bingo and Jesse with some goofy little art works from my open studios in 2006.

Bobby Furst of Joshua Tree, Calif, with "here are some flowers for you" that's Ryan in the trailer with those heads made by Alicia Bay Laurel's mother and a very cool flower given to me by Jack Pierson.



Eva Fitts with her new queen of the sea.  Perry Hoffman started a facebook fan page for me and Eva joined and wrote on the wall that she was looking for a mermaid, and Joanne Licardo wrote a response that there was one on my website right now and Eva bought it immediately, thank you, Eva. Eva is a firefighter!

Tobi Taboada of Yucca Valley bought a  birthday present for herself in the 2007 MBACC Open Studios.



Susan Sarris (right) and her mother.  Susan has one of the biggest Elf collections of all and you can see a lot of them in her dog grooming store in La Jolla, CA. 

Here are the beautiful O'Neil girls, Deirdre O'Neil with her girls and "Cat in the Yard" They have quite an Elf collection spread throughout their lovely Santa Monica home.



Hans Riecke and I on Maui with just a few of his large collection of Elfs.  My family grew up next to the Rieckes on Maui, what a blessing to have this wonderful German family for neighbors. 

Hans and I with Ladies taking over the world



Lovely couple, I'm sorry I forgot their names, who took this Greetings Fish home with them from the Open Studios 2006.

Mother and son buying some fishies from Open Studios 2006 in Joshua Tree at my studio at Art Queen.



Andrea Broszio in Germany sent this picture of her bunny ready for a hug from the glitter bunny.


And Daisy in New York, daughter of Jane Krolik with Toots and Jokey and Dog is Everywhere art piece, a gift for their veterinary. 



Brian, Cheryl and Lily from Los Angeles, who are also desert neighbors on the weekends, with "Miss Write" which Cheryl keeps with her in her writing trailer--every girl needs a writing trailer, mermaid and Lily with "I know I can."


Paul Sweeney, Rusty and Echo down at Ten Women Gallery, with their new works "Remember to Play Every Day", "Dog Bless America" and "Mr. Right Now." 


The charming Terri Ford "The Glory of the Continent"   quote from miss Glory, "I am very proud of myself. I have just figured out the plural of pope. It is potpourri."


Ellen and Todd Sweeney of Kansas City.  


Somewhat incognito pictures of the famous Susan Kuhlman with just a small collection of her extensive collection of Shari Elf dogs and "Bert Bird of Glamour."


Those wacky Kilroys from Santa Monica!  Dr. Bob with baseball lamp shade on his head. 


Alicia Bay Laurel from the big island of Hawai, Arizona and Spain with "And now I will sing a little song I just wrote."


  Chuck Wild in Los Angeles with "Remember to Play Every Day" (it looks like Chuck is remembering to play!)


Harriet Ratner visited me down at Ten Women Gallery when I used to show there.  I am grateful Harriet has quite a collection of my works.


Carole Jo Bradley from Kansas City with Milton the Cat in my studio and "I'm so very Fabulous"


Allison Ringer and friend at Quirk's Cafe in Toronto with Graham Nash Flower


Marvin Drandel with "Dog Having His Day" (Santa Monica Airport Flea Market). It's funny how the dog paintings start looking like their owners.


Judith Binder hides behind the Queen of the Universe at the Santa Monica Airport flea market


( Lillian Kuras with Flower Picture (I just love Lillian's skirt and how it matches the picture!)


Clare Beagle, Satisfied Customer.  Santa Monica, CA


Jessica from Missouri with her mermaid


Frances with the pink girl (Kansas City Artists Coalition's Open Studios 2002)


.    Here are the famous George and Martha of  Jefferson City, MO, who sent me all those glass jewels I was always thanking them for til I had used them all up

Here's Doug Newman with Kitty, Kitty by Moonlight and, of course, Kitty.



The Queen Bee with the Queen Bee herself. (Also known as Livi-Luv, the adorable niece of our friend Brett Baker in Maryland)

Left: "Stop the Madness!" Art imitates life. Elke, dog of Cynda and Joe Bishop in Louisville, KY, eyeing the light on the ceiling, she likes to jump for them when Cynda or Joe turns the lights on. They have to tell her "Stop, no stop!" when she gets too carried away jumping for lights. Cynda and Joe bought this piece from me in Louisville, KY at Folk Fest, November 2006.


JonMichael in Wisconsin enjoying "Let's go for a Drive"



The lady that is determined to force my goodness upon the lovely folks at NYPD Blue, our dear friend "Cousin" Joyce Davis with "Call your mom." 

Some of you may know that Bunny just loves policemen, so you can imagine her delight at this photo opportunity with her new friend.



Ron Collie and me (Cher-Ee) and "Desert Dog." Ron is wearing his Cher T-Shirt because Ron is the worlds biggest fan of Cher. (well, besides me).  

Holly Lua out on the front porch of NYPD Blue with princess and Mr. Sparkle rusty can purses



Charlotte and Kim with "Dog" and "Larry, Mo and Curly." Charlotte is quite a fashion plate.

Meet my neighbors in Kansas City, MO! (well, until I moved) Terri Juarez with "Alfredo" lived next door,



Richelle Cerino with "Hula Lady", lived across the street. They were the best neighbors! Richelle has probably the largest collection of Shari Elf mermaids in her bathroom of any Elf collector. We need a picture of this!

I thought you should know what some folks are doing to cats in Milwaukee. (Philo and Colleen's cat "Whitecat")...If that's not enough, now I hear from Peggy Sue in Pasadena about what they're doing to cats there.



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