(Stardust Aquarius artwork by Randy the Banjo Ghost of KC, Missouri)   

Listen to the Shari Elf Tribute Album here!

1. Beach Chair Song  Neblung Price  Jim Price and Rick Neblung (WFMU, New Jersey)

2. Bunny, Song for a Crochet Alligator
     1. Leslie and Michael Wolfe Kansas City, MO
     2. Gahlord Dewald Vermont 
     3. Terrace Park Choir and Percussion Ensemble
, Edmonds, WA

3. Bunny Karaoke  Doug Newman  Los Angeles, CA 

4. Happy WorldMilo Ippolito, Atlanta, GA


5. I'm Forcing Goodness Upon You, Glupi Ludi, Atlanta, GA  (featuring Milo Ippolito, left,and Robin Bors, right)

6. I'm Taking Your Stuff
    1. Mark Thies, Kansas City, KS  website
     2. Chandler Travis and Rachel Jarvis, Cape Cod, MA website
    3. Jaime Carrera, ("Me Llevo Tus Cosas") Minneapolis, MN
    4. Nichole Fromm   Madison, WI (solo on her violin)
hear it hear  website
    5. Tom Bartling, Denver, Colorado



   6. Aurora D'Orables, New York, NY (that's her above and she's the sister of Milo Ippolito)
   7. John Bergin  Kansas City, MO  website
  8. R. Stevie Moore,  New Jersey
  9. Art Paul Schlosser and Robin Good  Madison,Wisconsin
  10. Yukio Yung
and R. Stevie Moore, Scotland and New Jersey respectively
  11. Shari and the All Star Seamstress Band, Kansas City, MO  website

  12. Richard Held, "Wax, Sticky Notes and Other Cool Stuff," Kansas City, MO  website

13. Leslie Mariah Andrews, Joshua Tree, California website


                                                         Jerk-a-lator picture by Shannon Heffernan and Amy Carr in Kansas City

7. Jerk-a-lator
     1. Churchill's Tractor   website
     2. Shari Elf produced by Larry Klein  for that demo deal with Interscope Records
     3 Mark, Sara and Hannah, Columbia, MO

     4.Art Paul Schlosser  Madison,Wisconsin  website

8. My Automobile  James Allenspach  Chicago, IL

9. Pink Fairy Wish Poodle  The Divine Maggees  North Carolina   
      (Inspired by my painting of the Wish Fairy Poodle at 213 Art and Antiques in Provincetown, MA)

10. Ron's Appliance
    1. Mark, Sara and Hannah, Columbia, MO
     2. Mike Murphy and Janice, Kansas City, MO

     3. Tom Bartling, Denver, Colorado

     4. Art Paul Schlosser and Robin Good, Madison,Wisconsin

11. Shari and the All Star Seamstress Band, Michael Wolfe, Kansas City, MO

12. Shari at the Arts-n-Crafts Store, Two in the Hat featuring Ms. Meade, Western Mass.

13. Shari Elf, Shari Elf,  Shellboy, Oakland, CA,

14. Some Thoughts on if I Should Die (Some Day)
    1. Doug Bates aka Opera Man, Kansas City, MO
Matt Venuti, San Francisco, CA  website

15. Song for Shari, Alice MacAllister, Music Director, KVMR 89.5 FM, Nevada City, CA



                      Concert poster by Randy the Banjo Ghost

16. Stardust/Aquarius
   1. Randy the Banjo Ghost, Kansas City, MO (rest in Peace my dear friend Rando McClearly and thank you for forcing anyone who looked weird to buy my album at the Music Exchange in Kansas City, I am forever grateful for you)

   2. Shari Elf 

17. Tenderness Vs Watering the Lawn Backwards
Doug Bates aka "Opera Man", Kansas City, MO

     2.  Shari Elf  produced by David Baerwald for Interscope demo-deal

18. The Saddest Song I Ever Wrote,   Doug Newman, Los Angeles, CA

19. Where Would They Go?, Doug Newman,   Los Angeles, CA
    I stole the tribute idea from Doug who is still trying to figure out how to get in touch with Neil Young to record some of 

       his songs from the Cat Album (Doug thought it would be cool if Neil and some other famous people would record his songs)

20. You Need Some ArtExtremo the Clown,  Portland, OR

21. Kansas City Star  Shari Elf and R. Stevie Moore


"I found Jesus" picture by Amy Carr of Kansas City, who also makes those great recycled Shari and the All Star Seamstress Band T-Shirts


Hey, no one else was planning one anytime soon, so I said to myself, "S. Elf",  I'll plan my own tribute album and invite folks to send me a song."

It took me 15 years to complete my debut CD "I'm Forcing Goodness Upon You," so I thought I should get busy on this project right away.  I was delighted if not somewhat stunned that the plan worked, songs started pouring in!

The Shari Elf Tribute Album is my favorite album of all time and I think you'll enjoy it, too, if only to steal the idea and arrange your own Tribute Album.  I think the world would be a happier place if everyone had their own tribute album. 

And a special big thank you for all my new best friends who made songs for this album.  I love you guys!  Something good happened to me this year!  love,  Shari








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