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S. Elf Art Collectors Web Sites


Blue Gallery

Blue Pony

Elayne Boosler

Tails of Joy

Mary Randolph Carter

John Cassidy,

Ron Collie

Andy Dick

Tracy Dove

Lorraine Merriman Farrell

Susan Hedrick

Keith Hemmerling

Gloria Calderon Kellett

Haven Kimmel

Linsley Lambert

Alicia Bay Laurel

Law Girl

Joanne Licardo


Ramona Otto

Judith Owen

Randy Polumbo

Heather Renaux

Nancy Daly Riordan

Claudia Russell

Kate Stern

Rachel Stuart-Haas

Curlin Sullivan

Joanne Tolkoff

Lynn Whipple

Chuck Wild

Art Links

Artitude Zine (see me featured in Summer 04)

Andrea Broszio

Bobbi Chukran

Budding Artistes

Jackie Denning

Extremo the Clown

Arthur Ganson

Nathalie Lete (in France)

Nora K's cute purses

Lili & Beko  (also in France)

Jason Mercier

Mermaidian Doodles


Ten Women



Art From Trash

Aluminus Publishing

Anthropomorphic Garbage


Folk Farm

Northern California Artist in Residence Program

Rodrigos Recycled Art (new!)

Washington Santana

Stephen Oatway

Stove Burner Art

Trash Art by Patrice


Crochet Madness

Trevor Jackson

Desert People and Places

29 Palms Inn


Bobby Furst

Gram Rabbit

High Desert Test Sites

The Integratron

Joshua Tree Music Festival

Kate's Lazy Desert

Noah Purifoy

Pappy and Harriet's Pioneer Town Palace

The Red Arrow Gallery


The Science of Mentalphysics

Tani Wood Creations

29 Palms Creative Center

Victoria Williams


Folk Art Environments

Bottle Village

Coral Castle

Grotto of the Redemption

Interesting Ideas

The Heidelberg Project

Noah Purifoy

Watts Towers


Found Fun

Found Magazine

Museum of Fred

Wurst Gallery (artists remade works of art they found at a local thrift store)




and more links


Angel Card


Bubble Wrap popping!

Cat Beds

Cat Town

Cats Sleeping


Jenny Harada dolls

Los Angeles Toy Museum

No More AOL CDs!

Rather Good


National Novel Writing Month

Roadside America

Scram Magazine

Twine Tour

Write a Novel in 30 Days

Ze Frank

Music Fun

Andrew Benicetobears

Cool and Strange Music Magazine

Chandler Travis

Irwin Chusid

Gloomy Tunes

Keith Hemmerling

Dave Lippman

Incorrect Music

Inflection Machine

Langley Schools Music Project


Doug Newman

Doug Newman's "Cat Album"

Paul Overton

Raymond Scott

Songs In The Key of Z

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Matt Venuti and the Venusians

Weirdsville Radio


Funny Videos

I feel GREAT!

How to dance properly



Alternative Health Stuff

Colloidal Silver

Diatomacious Earth (Food Grade)

Dr. Richard Schulze

Hallelujah Acres

Hippocrates Health Institute


Cool Inventor

Woody Norris


S. Elf Help

Arts Anonymous not doing your art?

Dr .Pat Allen

My Favorite Psychic, Bill Burns

David Allen get organized!

Pick your angel card for today!





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