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Official "What Would Cher Do?" t-shirt Satisfied Customer Page

Kate McCabe of Joshua Tree, California dancing in her new WWCD? leotard

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August 31, 2017. Here are some satisfied "What Would Cher Do?" t-shirt owners who don't mind going public about it.
I'd love to see your picture here -- please email me one!



Stuart Campbell from Manchester, England, visited Art Queen recently and picked up this shirt.




Send me a picture of you in your What Would Cher Do? shirt!




Lorri Rodriguez in Houston, Texas




Lauren Gillespie in Arkansas saw CHER in Las Vegas on her tour and saw a nice man from the UK sporting his WWCD? shirt so she found my shirts on line and here she is. I didn't realize there is a TV show in the UK that asks that question a lot : )



Fernando Gonzalez of Argentina


Jennifer's daughter in Hamburg, Germany, on her way to school


Jennifer Roder in Hamburg, Germany, photo taken by her 6 year old daughter

Jennifer's daughter in Hamburg, Germany, on her way to school


Jill Emerson in Scottsdale, AZ

Edward Axell in Copenhagen, Denmark


Jill Maas of Joshua Tree, CA, who has been told all her life she looks like Cher.



Dawn in Wisconsin



Ryan of Joshua Tree, CA


Here I am in one of my WWCD? t-shirts in Joshua Tree, CA at Art Queen




SamanthaNicole in The Colony, Texas




Kathy Barta of Yucca Valley, CA now in Tuscon, AZ



Gayle Livingstone in Ontario, Canada



Mike from Los Angeles, CA, at the Ace Hotel, he needed a size 2XL and I am happy I had one for him.




This is Alex from Los Angeles, CA, at my pop-up store at the Ace Hotel inside of Chantale Doyle's pop-up store



I think this is Michael from Palm Springs, CA



a lovely couple who stopped by Art Queen in November of 2011




Kari Rose from Joshua




Max at Mt. Fuji General Store's pop up store at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs thanksgiving 2011



the kittens as the giants halloween 2011, jp goulston, i was hall and oates, and ryan is sonny and cher



Misty wore her shirt to the california deserrt aids walk in october, 2012





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