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Pappy and Harriet's, Thursday night, September 15, 2005.   Shari and her new Fairy Elf Band forced some goodness around Pioneer Town.  There's Carol Ann on bass in her fairy skirt (in which the making of was a "time thief", according to Carol Ann), Tal Hurley on back up vocals and omnichord, that is a yard lady art piece I made a long time before I met Carol Ann, but it sure could be her twin, that's me, "S" and Stephanie Walker behind me on drums (only her 2nd time playing drums on stage--she was great!).  The painting on the wall is "All Star Seamstress Dogs."   Often when playing at Pappy and Harriet's, the performers will grow antlers, as Tal and I both did that night.   (Photos by  Judy Wishart)


Bingo (tonight he is Bingo Bug--Bingo grew antennas that night!) playing his glockenspiel, he also delighted us with his banjo and my favorite song later, "Flop Earred Mule", and Bobby Furgo (with a halo he always has), what a treat to have him play his keyboards and violin.  Bobby has toured and recorded with my favorite singer, Leonard Cohen, so we did our rendition of  Famous Blue Raincoat.   Towards the end of the evening, after we'd played our 2 prepared 45 minute set lists, Bobby played some lounge type music for Ted Quinn and I to croon to.  I don't think we got any shots of when it really got fun, when later in the evening Travis Cline of Gram Rabbit played some of his songs from the Thrift Store All Stars, and I got to see how it feels to have everyone crash the stage like I have a habit of doing with the local bands lately.  I have to say I loved it and will always encourage this kind of behavior.


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On June 21, 2005, folks in this wonderful desert community gathered at Pappy and Harriet's for a benefit for our friend Don Lombardo who lost his home in a fire June 10.   Below here is The All Star Seamstress Band singing "This Little Light of Mine."  What a thrill to have such amazing guests in the band, from left to right: Sue Bradley, Sussy, Ted Quinn, Carol Ann, Victoria Williams, Tal Hurley (playing my omnichord), Sunny Sundowner, Travis Cline and the three delightful folks on the far right are Lauren Villarreal and Don Lombardo's niece and nephew Abbie and Nick Lombardoo. 



Shari and the All Star Seamstress Desert Band made our debut at the Beatnik Cafe in Joshua Tree, CA, June 1, 2005.

On sewing machine that's Nico and her dad, Randy Polumbo from New York.  Nico is the youngest seamstress the All Star Seamstress Band has ever had and not only that, she rocked!  Especially when the sewing machine broke down in the middle of  the song (right when the seamstress had quit in the song) and her dad fixed it in time for the last verse. How's that for art imitating life.  We had a blast and were delighted at all the audience participation.


Hello Friends. We had a great time in Columbia, MO, July 24th, 2004 for Sara Cleveland's 40th Birthday surprise party.

here are some pictures taken by Mark Satterwhite and Sara.


Shari and the A.S.S. Band with special guests Sara, birthday queen and Laurie.


Justin Daniels and Rick Espe on the nose flute and recorder for "Bunny." Adam Highland, Shari and Rick.


We don't have an official band photo yet, so we tried a few shots here on a lovely mosaic bench in Columbia.. 


Mark Satterwhite, Kitty and Michele. (Don't you think every one should have a friend named Kitty?) Walking to some bar after the show to hang out with the locals in Columbia.


Pink was all the rage in Columbia. Richard (left), Mark (right) with Kitty.


Stuart took some pictures of the second half of our show at the Cup and Saucer, July 24th, 2003. We had a great time,

and it seems lots of other folks did too. We feel we did our jobs, we forced our goodness upon the crowd.


Rick, Adam and Shari, rocking out                                                 Rhythm Section


Shari and the All Star Seamstress Band and our lovely audience at the Cup and Saucer        Ben and Ingerlene and Shari shaking some pin boxes


Bunny taking a break from her job that night as sound girl             Molly on cello                      Molly and Joel dancing to Aphasia


Ray behind the bar and Wolfie, thanks for writing and performing the "Shari and the All Star Seamstress Band" anthem, Aaron from Aphasia (Adam's other band)

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